Enhancing Your Office With New Furniture

Are your staff sitting on old office chairs and incorrect office desk systems? Are your staff happy in their work or pleased to get out of the office at the end of the day? It’s so important to be sitting correctly on an ergonomic office chair, at a desk that is the correct height and size and in an environment that is designed to maximise your staff’s working efficiency and office enjoyment. In my many years of Office Fit Outs I’ve seen it all, the very bad to the very best and I’m happy to share these with you over a series of articles.

Ergonomics and analysing a work place..

Ergonomics are so important in today’s working climate, where we are all working and living longer and harder. We require our life and work styles to be as comfortable as possible with as little stress as possible, a very hard thing to achieve at the best of times even with the right working environment and home life.

In their endeavor to create the right working space for a clients Fit Out, Project Managers should first access the existing working environment, find out what staff are working with, what they are lacking, do they have enough working area, storage space, desk space and how comfortable is their office chair?

Next is the layout of the office; are the flow through traffic areas big enough, is the layout of the offices and desks or office desk systems adequate, can the light from office refurbishment company windows get further into the building, is it better to have open plan cubicles or offices?

There are so many office furniture products on the market it can be a very time consuming event just picking a chair that you think is comfortable, but it is very important to get it right, just like the rest of your new office furniture, so talk to an expert, not just a salesman.

What to look for in a Fit out Company.

There are so many aspects to an office fit out to take into account, that it takes a specialised person to be able to look at these issues and put together the correct proposal for the client. Not only office furniture, chairs, filing and storage but; partitioning, carpets, colours and painting, lighting, electrical, cabling, plumbing and all the little things that go with them. along with that there is the complete project management of the job and scheduling trades, liaison with the client, cost budgeting and time management that goes with doing the job right, first time around.

So don’t look at your office furniture retailer for the expert job of doing your office fit out, look to a specialist company that will look at all aspects of an office fit out, give you advice and a layout of the new or renovated office so you can visualise what the result will be and tweak it to customise your own thoughts.

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