Publish Your Work Online For Free

Are you a first time author who thinks of publishing some of his or her books online for free?

Even as an expert in online writing and publishing, are you confused or you need more answers to whether you should continue publishing free contents online? If yes, then this article is for you. . . I’d suggest you take time to read this article from beginning to the end.

Submitting or posting your very own book online for people to read freely has both นิยายแปล advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin with the advantages. On advantages, the importance is that for a first time author or an expert, writing and publishing book online for free is a great idea. To begin with, getting your name out there for recognition, getting free reviews and critiques, especially a positive comments will put a glimpse on your face, they let you know what’s working well and what’s not in your book, this may be an encouragement to for you to publish more freely. It simply helps to start building a reliable audience who value your writing. This is also a “platform” to set up, to build followers, and you’ve without a doubt proved that there’s a marketplace for your very own writings or books, knowing that can it will enable you to earn more when you publish them, it will help in achieving success in online writing and publishing through gaining invitation speaking engagement, having book deals and more. All this seems effective it might give you lasting advantages and profits but there’s often the chance you’ll face the negative or disadvantages below;

Here are major disadvantages you will meet as writer who chooses to give away some of his or her writing online, that you might possibly damage upcoming books sales, receive negative feedbacks or reviews even on your best writing. It is also horribly upsetting when you publish some of your books online, maybe to your web blog, then you find out that your audience or readers are few. This might give some powerful publishing site owner’s who have seen your good writings the chance to take advantage of you, by trying to publish your book as an eBook to give you percentage of proceeds (little peanuts) or even give it away free as an incentive to those who subscribe to their newsletter, What will then happen to copyright/intellectual right of the eBook? Some writers, might grab the idea like yours and goes on to publish their novel before you do, will this not affect your sale or will he or she no claim the rights.

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