Sample Sales Funnel Product Series

A sales funnel, of course, is a series of progressively more expensive products to which you progressively offer to buyers of the last product in the series.

A sample sales funnel might look like this:

A free product (to get people into your funnel)

A $27 product (to give people a taste of your style)

A $47 product (to offer more education)

A $97 product (to give people advanced material)

A $497 product (to give people step by step cookie cutter instructions)

A $5000 product (to give people hands – on experience)

As you move the people on your subscriber list through this sales funnel, clickfunnels review 2018 a certain percentage of people will buy your first product, a certain percentage of those will be purchasers of your second product, and so on. And from time to time you may have some individuals choose to jump a level and buy something bigger.

So what could these products be?

I think you should start at the capstone product – the most expensive one, envision what that product is, and then build your entire funnel to lead into that product. Of course, most people do not do it that way. I didn’t, either. They and I basically start with the smallest product we can get a fee for, just to get started, and then once that is selling nicely, we create a bigger product to meet the needs of the people who bought the first product. And that system is OK – in a lot of ways it is market-driven.

But I propose that if you start with the biggest product in mind first, you can build a funnel that is designed to lead people to your biggest product, over time, rather than scrambling to make the next product impulsively.

I think you can go so far as to specifically target the types of individuals you think need your final product, when you do your initial traffic generation. So instead of randomly bringing people into your sales funnel, you are specifically selecting individuals who will eventually buy your final capstone product.

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