A basic guide for poker online games


Are you looking for a guide where you can learn the basics of poker online games? This is the end of your search as this guide covers everything a beginner or anyone interested should know. This guide is even useful for those who have played a few pokers games as well. You should consider yourself beginner until you don’t become a consistent player here. The poker world is dynamic yet static because you never know who your opponent is. The rules and follow-up of the game are however constant but the new games differ slightly in rules. This makes it a bit challenging for players especially the new ones.

But don’t worries we have cover basic game’s format and structure including the right etiquettes at the game tables. Yes, you have to follow them to show that you are professional players. The opponent should not realize that you are a newbie. Learn poker online tips and begin playing.

Introduction to poker

The basics include how many players can play poker, about the cards, objective, hand rankings, blinds, and antes, betting options and its structure.

Number of players

There is no fixed number of players for a game. In cash games, there are 2-10 players on each table whereas tournaments can have thousands of players. There is a format according to which the number of players varies on each table. Full ring games have 9-10 players per table. There are only 6 players on table in shorthand games. Only two players can play head up games per table.

The cards

The standard deck size that is 52 cards are available in poker online games. An individual player has hole cards with which he deals. However, some games involve the use of community cards. A player has to use both hole and community cards to get a strong hand.

The objective

Winning is the only objective of a poker online player. Every pot has chips for which player has to make bets. If the player has a strong hand then he wins and gets the pot size money.

Hand rankings

Different hands have different rankings. The high card has a top ranking. The straight hand is one which five consecutive cards and a flush are a combination of five similar cards. A pair is one where a player has two cards having the same rank.

Blinds and Antes

Few poker games include either blinds or antes whereas others include both. For example- a player who sits left to the dealer places small blinds. One who is the second most players from this player place big blinds. All players can place the ante. The stakes of a game determine the size of these blinds and antes.

Betting options

Every player has 5 betting options. They can either check, bet, call, raise or fold. Check means no bet but the player is active and calls future bets. Bet is when a player adds desired chips for a pot. Match the previous bet and add an equal amount to a pot, this is “call.” You can increase the size of the bet by using raise betting option. Here, you have to bet for more than the bet of another player. Add that additional amount to the pot. When you want to surrender use the Fold option and discard the cards.

Betting structure

The betting structure of a game decides how much amount a player can bet. Poker online games have five structures for betting. However, every structure has different rules.

  • Fixed limit- in such game, you can bet only up to a fixed amount and same applies to rise.
  • No limit- you can bet any amount
  • Pot limit- you can bet or raise to the maximum limit of the pot size
  • Spread limit-spread is a pre-determined limit in such game above which you cannot place the bet or raise.
  • Cap limit- here is a cap between which a player has to place a bet or raise.

So, these were the basics that every poker online game follows. Before you get into the poker world, know the three key facts of the game.

Key facts

You are playing against players which are not the case with sports betting games. Here you don’t directly compete to other players but in poker games, you and your opponent are playing against each other.

The game is all about skill and chance. And at last, situs poker online is a risky place. You are gambling so it’s obvious that you have to put money at risk.

Remember these facts and stick to the basics.